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How did they do it? Tom and Chris from Asgard to Acadia...




Apparently Tom HIddleston will be starring in a biopic about Hank WIlliams called I Saw the Light. And now it turns out Chris Hemsworth is starring in a movie playing a guy haunted by Hank WIlliams’ ghost titled I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive. So,…

And Tom’s character is haunting Chris’s character because he believes he is the reason he died and he is ticked off that Chris’s character is doing so well. Plus it’s directed by somebody who worked on Thor.



Tom Hiddleston just performed at the Wheatland Music Festival. He is learning how to play like Hank Williams for a bio pic from Rodney Crowell.

*Insert jaw hitting ground

Oh just don’t play to any audience…oh no….test the waters at a real bluegrass/folk/country music festival

I would say the learning part is going very well.

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